Integrated Massage, $95 for 60 minutes

A combination of Western massage (Swedish or Deep tissue and other modalities) and Asian Bodywork ( Thai massage Acupressure, Channel work, and Reiki) customized for each individual.

Deep Tissue Massage, $95 for 60 minutes

A common massage modality used with deeper applied pressure to break down scar tissue and increase circulation. There are many other health benefits possible.

Swedish Massage, $95 for 60 minutes

A common massage modality used to promote relaxation. It can help with stress, increase circulation including many other health benefits. Includes the use of Essential Oils.

Foot Massage, $45 for 30 minutes

A sensory experience for tired achy feet with Essential Oils and Acupressure.

Reiki, $90 for 60 minutes

A Japanese form of complementary therapy known as energy healing.  Distant Palm or light holding hand positions are used in an intuitive manner to channel universal energy to the individual.  Reiki can help facilitate emotional and physical healing.