I am a licensed massage therapist located in Lakeview East, Chicago. I graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where I received in depth training in Eastern and Western massage modalities.

My Story

Over the last  six years I dreamed of having my own holistic  massage practice yet continued to work my full time job to support my family.
As a single parent of two children it was difficult to take the leap of faith and risk losing the steady income.

On December 20, 2017, my two year old son Tiberius was diagnosed with Leukemia. By the second week he developed severe peripheral neuropathy from the chemotherapy treatments. He was unable to move his legs.  After a brain test, MRI’s and a nueromuscular test, it was determined that Tiberius had severe nerve damage. Out of desperation, I asked the doctors if it would be safe to massage and apply acupressure on him as he continues chemotherapy. The doctors approved. I started his massages with every diaper change and within two days Tiberius twitched his toes. When I saw his little toes wiggle I knew he would walk again!

After a six week stay in the hospital, Tiberius was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital and received intense physical therapy. Within one week of daily massages and other therapies Tiberius was standing assisted. In two weeks, he was walking with braces on his legs unassisted. He now runs and plays like every other two year old! I vowed that when we were able to go home I would open my massage practice. A month after being discharged from the hospital. Shanata Massage and Wellness LLC was born.

My hope is to inspire others to not give up on themselves or loved ones no matter how dire the situation and to continue to strive for optimal wellness. Massage therapy is helping my son get through his battle with cancer. I’m certain that Shanata Massage and Wellness can help you too!

-Shanata M. Smith, LMT